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Product Solutions
Orange Compass provides a platform to global suppliers and manufacturers of products that can create lifestyle changes while being friendly to the environment thereby providing its users with a sense of “responsibility”. The products that we choose to bring into the market have to satisfy our criteria of quality and standards. We are very particular about the products we represent. Safety, environmentally friendly and products that conserve resources form the primary focus of our product portfolio.

Orange Compass partners with Pole Star Distribution Private Limited to market, supply and provide service to the dealership networks for our products.

Orange Compass is always on the look out to increase its portfolio by adding products that match its vision and philosophy.

Partnership Solutions
Orange Compass offers Partnerships whereby organisations from around the globe can work with us
to bring Skill Sets, Proprietary Knowledge, or technology transfer in to the Indian Sub-continent.
We are also able to provide contacts, identify viable clients, vet for suitability and act as liaison for successful implementation of projects.

Our knowledge, expertise experience of the Indian beaurecratic system and consumer culture will be an asset in partnerships for companies, individuals and organisations. As our management team is made up individuals who have lived and worked in India and abroad, it has a good understanding of the western work ethics thereby providing our partners a perfect solution for a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership.

Dealership Solutions:
Orange Compass is happy to share its commercial journey with like minded, industrious, honest people and organisations by offering them an opportunity to market its products. Individuals, organisations, companies that are interested are invited to fill up the dealership form upon, fulfilling the required criteria, Orange Compass would be happy to partner with them.

Orange Compass views its dealers as flag bearers of the company and therefore expects high quality performance from its dealers and in turn will suitably reward its dealers for all their endeavour.



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